Semolina pudding

Looking for a quick dessert but also effortless? Well, my first option is semolina pudding. It is not only easy and quick but so delicious, and reminds me of my childhood.

All you need is 50 g semolina, 500 ml coconut milk (you can use any other milk as well) and, of course, your choice of topping.

Get the milk to boiling point, add the semolina while stirring and continue doing that until the pudding get’s to your desired thickness.

I use coconut milk because it has a sweet flavour and I avoid using refined sugar. If your choice is a different kind of milk you can put some vanilla pods in the boiling milk.

Serve the pudding in a bowl and add the topping. I always go for a homemade jam, what I have at hand, or sprinkle some cocoa on top.


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